Connexion FAQs

What are the steps to take when a contract supplier is locked out of Connexion or forgets the password?

Contract suppliers can receive assistance with resetting Connexion passwords and account unlocks by calling the CBIC customer service center at 877-577-5331 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. prevailing Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Where can I find instructions on how to remove a user, upload a document, and review our contract in Connexion?

You can find general navigation guidance for Connexion by clicking Connexion at the top right of any page on the CBIC website.

  • Change or update user roles – Go to How to Update Information in the CMS Identity Management (IDM) System. To review what actions each role can perform, see the DBidS and Connexion User Role Table.
  • Review and print your contract – Go to Connexion and open the PDF version of your contract. You can print Attachment A and Attachment B by selecting the Print button at the bottom of each page.
  • Request contract changes or updates such as adding or removing a location or requesting a full or partial transfer of a contract – Go to Connexion and select My Current Contract.

Where can I find information on what each user can access in Connexion?

Please refer to the DBidS and Connexion User Role Table.

When is Form C due and how do I submit the update?

The Form C semi-annual report is required no later than 10 business days after each of the following dates: July 1 and January 1, throughout the entire contract performance period.

To complete and submit your report, go to Connexion at the top right of any page on the CBIC website and log in. Select Form C under the Contract Maintenance tab at the top of the page or on your My To-Do List.

NOTE: Email reminders are sent to the authorized officials (AOs) and backup authorized officials (BAOs) and end users (EUs), if applicable, when the form is due for each reporting period. In addition, you may update your product information at any time, but no later than the due dates indicated to meet the requirement.

What actions can be done in Connexion?

Contract suppliers can use Connexion to:

  • Request updates to a contract by adding or removing a location,
  • Request the full or partial transfer of a contract to another entity,
  • Disclose subcontracting arrangements for certain services,
  • Complete semi-annual reporting of manufacturer and model information using Form C,
  • Upload documents,
  • View their CMS-signed contract, and
  • View the status of their contract.

Are AOs and BAOs the only personnel who can add or remove a location from a contract?

Yes. AOs and BAOs are the only individuals authorized to make contract updates, such as adding or removing a location from a contract.

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Updated: 01/06/2022