DBidS and Connexion User Role Table

The table below includes the actions each user role can perform in the Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) Bidding System, DBidS, and in Connexion, the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program's (CBP's) secure portal. Each action an authorized official (AO)1, backup authorized official (BAO)2, and end user (EU)3 can perform is indicated in the table by yes (Y) and no (N) identifiers.

DBidS and Connexion User Role Table
Complete Business Organization Information Section in Form A Y Y N
Enter Location Specific Information in Form A Y Y Y
Approve Form A Y Y N
Enter Information in Form B Y Y Y
Certify Form B Y Y N
Connexion - Bidding and Bid Evaluation AO BAO EU
Upload Documents (e.g., bidding documents) Y Y Y
View and Upload Response to Preliminary Bid Evaluation (PBE) Notice/Table Y Y Y
View and Upload Response to Covered Document Review Date (CDRD) Notice/Table Y Y Y
View and Upload Response to Bona Fide Bid (BFB) Notice/Table Y Y Y
View Financial Scoring Summary Y Y N
View Contract Offer(s) Y Y N
Accept or Decline Contract Offer(s) Y Y N
View Disqualification Notice/Details Y Y N
Submit Bidder Inquiry and Upload Supporting Documentation Y Y Y
View Bid Disqualification Review Notice/Details Y Y Y4
View CMS-Signed Contract Y Y Y
View Return of Bid Surety Bond Liability Notice Y Y Y
Connexion - Contract Oversight and Maintenance AO BAO EU
View My Current Contract(s) Y Y Y
Upload Subcontractor Disclosure(s) Y Y Y
View and Submit Form C Semi-Annual Reports Y Y Y
View Failure to Submit Form C Notice Y Y Y
View and Submit Change of Location Request(s) Y Y N
View and Upload Contract Transfer Request(s) and Documentation Y Y N
View Breach of Contract Notice and Upload Response Y Y N
View Contract Maintenance Summary Y Y Y5
View Recent Activity Y Y Y5

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC) customer service center at 877-577-5331 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. prevailing Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

1 Authorized Official (AO): For DBidS and Connexion purposes, the AO must be an individual identified as an AO on the CMS-855S enrollment application. This individual is an appointed official for the organization (for example, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, general partner, chairman of the board, or five percent or greater direct owner) to whom the organization has granted the legal authority to enroll it in the Medicare program, to make changes or updates to the organization’s enrollment information in the Medicare program, and to commit the organization to fully abide by the statutes, regulations, and program instructions of the Medicare program. 

The AO may approve or reject the request for BAOs and EUs to access and enter data in DBidS, as well as access, upload, and complete specific information in Connexion. CMS will only accept bids that are approved and certified by the AO and any registered BAOs on behalf of the organization. CMS will only allow AOs and registered BAOs to enter into a contract with Medicare to furnish competitively bid lead items and non-lead items in the product category to Medicare beneficiaries. AOs and registered BAOs must sign the certification statement to request location changes to the contract, request a contract transfer and upload supporting documentation, and respond to a breach of contract notice. 

2 Backup Authorized Official (BAO): A BAO is an individual identified as an AO on the CMS-855S enrollment application and who can serve as a backup to the AO in DBidS and Connexion for all activities within the DMEPOS CBP. A BAO has the same capabilities as an AO in DBidS and Connexion. 

3 End User (EU): The EU is someone whom the organization trusts to conduct company business and can assist the AO and BAO by entering and uploading bid information in DBidS and Connexion, but has limited capabilities. A delegated official (DO) listed on the enrollment application must register and perform as an EU. In DBidS, the EU can enter data on Form A and Form B, but an EU does not have the authority to approve Form A or certify Form B. In Connexion, the EU has limited capabilities, but can upload, view, and print bidder and contract documents; upload the subcontractor disclosure; and complete Form C. An organization can have one or more EUs.

An EU can view the disqualification notice if it plays a role in the bidder inquiry submission (i.e., submits the inquiry and/or uploads rationale/supporting documentation in Connexion).

An EU can view the recent user activity for any function it is allowed to perform for a given contract. For example, an EU can view all user activity for Form C, but not for contract transfer requests.

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Updated: 03/28/2023