I submitted a bid amount for one month's rental for oxygen equipment. What documentation should I submit to justify my bid amount?

You should submit supporting documentation for the purchase of a new oxygen concentrator (E1390). The documentation may include, but is not limited to, manufacturer invoices, receipts (including retail sales receipts), manufacturer price lists, signed written quotes, and/or other financial information. This documentation can be obtained from manufacturers, distributors, retail sales facilities, Internet sales facilities, or any other sources that can legally sell suppliers the item.  It is also important that you include a narrative rationale that describes your ability to furnish the oxygen concentrator, which is the lead item, as well as the non-lead items in the product category. Your narrative rationale should explain how you considered the impact your bid amount for the lead item would have on the potential single payment amounts for the non-lead items.  

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Updated: 10/16/2019