If a bidder has multiple bidder numbers for the same competitive bidding area (CBA) but different product categories, is the bidder required to purchase separate bonds for each bidder number?

If the bidding entity is the same for each bidder number, then the bidding entity can upload in Connexion the same bid surety bond for that CBA under multiple bidder numbers. If the bidding entity declines any contract offer(s) for that CBA where its composite bid amount is at or below the median composite bid rate for the associated product category(s), then the bidding entity will forfeit the bid surety bond for that CBA. It’s important to remember that the bidding entity is the legal business name (LBN) associated with the Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) used to register in DBidS, the online bidding system. This LBN will be auto-populated in the Business Organization Information section of Form A in DBidS. To use the same bid surety bond for multiple bidder numbers in the same CBA, the bidding entity’s LBN on the bond must match the LBN for each bidder number.

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Updated: 03/07/2019