My company is the bidding entity and we are a subsidiary of a larger corporation. Do I upload my company's credit report and score or should I upload my parent company's credit report and score?

Financial statements should be at the same organization level as the tax return extract. For example, a subsidiary that files its own tax return must upload its own financial statements (i.e., they must be at the subsidiary level) to correspond with its tax return extract. However, if a parent organization files the tax return on its subsidiary’s behalf, the financial statements and tax return extract provided by the subsidiary must be at the parent organization level. Business division or line of business financial statements that do not correspond to the tax return extract will not be accepted. If the parent organization files the tax return on their subsidiary’s behalf, then Form 851 should also be uploaded.

You must upload a copy of your business’ credit report showing a numerical credit score or rating, your company’s name, and the date that the credit report was prepared – no earlier than 90 calendar days prior to the opening of the bid window. If the numerical credit score or rating is generated separately from your credit report, your company’s name and the date it was prepared must be shown on the credit report and included with the numerical credit score or rating. Your business credit report must be from one of the four approved credit reporting agencies and include one of the acceptable numerical credit scores or ratings. If the bidder is included on the parent’s tax return, then we will accept either the parent or the subsidiary’s credit report. Please see the Required Financial Documents fact sheet for more information.

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Updated: 07/09/2019