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Educational Information

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PDF Antitrust Guidance (PDF, PDF - 93 KB)
The antitrust laws protect competition and prohibit collusion. Price fixing, bid rigging, and other forms of collusion, including agreements to allocate customers or divide markets, are illegal...
PDF Change of Ownership - Guidelines and Responsibilities - Round 2 and National Mail-Order (PDF, PDF - 677 KB)
A DMEPOS supplier participating in the competitive bidding program that is negotiating a change of ownership (CHOW) must notify CMS 60 days before the anticipated date of the change...
PDF Common Ownership or Control (PDF, PDF - 186 KB)
Suppliers are prohibited from competing against themselves when submitting bids in the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program. Therefore, suppliers that are commonly owned or commonly controlled must submit one bid for the same product category in the same CBA...
PDF Competitive Bidding Areas (CBAs) (PDF, PDF - 107 KB)
Fact sheet about the CBAs included in the Round 2 and national mail-order competitions...
PDF Contract Supplier Obligations (PDF, PDF - 208 KB)
Contract suppliers are responsible for fulfilling all terms of their contracts, starting on the very first day of the contract period, for the duration of the contract period. Here are key contract terms with which contract suppliers must comply throughout the contract period.
PDF Covered Document Review Date (PDF, PDF - 114 KB)
Suppliers that submit their financial documents by a deadline called the Covered Document Review Date (CDRD) will have their documents checked to determine if any individual financial documents are missing, will be notified of what is missing, and will have an opportunity to submit the missing documents...
DMEPOS Quality StandardsOpen in New Window
Medicare enrolled DMEPOS suppliers, including DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program contract suppliers, must meet the DMEPOS quality standards.
PDF Eligibility Requirements (PDF, PDF - 118 KB)
A supplier must meet certain eligibility requirements before it can submit a bid and be awarded a contract under the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program...
PDF Exemptions from the Requirement to Be a Contract Supplier for Competitively Bid Items and Services - Round 2 and National Mail-Order (PDF, PDF - 124 KB)
Non-contract suppliers that furnish competitively bid items in a CBA are not eligible for Medicare Part B payment for the competitively bid items for that CBA unless one or more exceptions apply.
PDF Licensure for Bidding Suppliers (PDF, PDF - 60 KB)
Suppliers submitting a bid for a product category in a CBA must meet all DMEPOS state licensure requirements and other applicable state licensure requirements, if any, for that product category for every state in that CBA...
PDF Licensure for Contract Suppliers (PDF, PDF - 98 KB)
As a contract supplier for the Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program, you must comply with all applicable state and local laws. This includes maintaining compliance with all applicable state and local licensing requirements pertaining to functions under your contract throughout the duration of the contract period...
PDF National Mail-Order Competition for Diabetic Supplies (PDF, PDF - 154 KB)
A national competition to furnish diabetic testing supplies that are delivered to beneficiaries’ residences will occur at the same time as the Round 2 competition...
PDF Prescription for Specific Brand or Mode of Delivery to Avoid an Adverse Medical Outcome (PDF, PDF - 124 KB)
The Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program includes a special beneficiary safeguard to ensure that beneficiaries have access to specific brands or modes of delivery of competitively bid items when needed to avoid an adverse medical outcome...
PDF Required Financial Documents (PDF, PDF - 205 KB)
Detailed instructions about how to submit the required hardcopy financial documents...
PDF Requirement to Submit a Bona Fide Bid (PDF, PDF - 158 KB)
The DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program regulations require that each bidder must submit a bona fide bid that complies with all the terms and conditions specified in the request for bids (RFB)...
PDF Review of Supplier Capacity and Expansion Plans (PDF, PDF - 98 KB)
This fact sheet describes how CMS conducts its review of supplier capacity and expansion plans during the bid evaluation process...
PDF Subcontracting of DMEPOS Services - Round 2 and National Mail-Order (PDF, PDF - 133 KB)
The primary supplier is responsible for the overall service of furnishing the item and coordinating the care for the beneficiary in compliance with the physician’s order and Medicare rules and guidelines, but the primary supplier may subcontract certain services...
PDF Supplier Marketing Guidelines (PDF, PDF - 474 KB)
All of the existing rules and regulations regarding marketing DMEPOS to beneficiaries under the fee-for-service program also apply to DMEPOS contract suppliers under competitive bidding...
The DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program Mail-Order Diabetic Supplies Fact SheetOpen in New Window
This fact sheet is designed to educate on requirements related to providing mail-order diabetic supplies to beneficiaries who reside in a competitive bidding area. It also includes information on options for purchasing diabetic supplies on a non-mail order basis.

last updated on 03/15/2016


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