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Educational Information

We participate in numerous educational events to assist suppliers in understanding the rules that govern the Competitive Bidding Program. Click on “Open Event” for event details such as location and registration. 




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Attendance Status

11/23/16 Afton Senior Health Fair (Missouri CLAIM) - Beneficiaries Afton, MO Members Only
12/1-2/ 16   27th Annual Gerontological Nursing Conference - Referral Agents Columbus, MO   Members Only
 12/5-6/ 16  SC Home Care & Hospice Annual Conference - Referral Agents/Suppliers Charleston, SC   Members Only
 12/9/16 Northeast Florida Coalition for Coordinated Care for Seniors (NEFL CCCS) - Referral Agents/Members  Jacksonville, FL   Members Only


A three-part series of educational webcasts for Round 1 Recompete contract suppliers is now available. These webcasts provide information on topics such as education activities for beneficiaries, referral agents, and suppliers; marketing guidelines; contract terms and obligations; contract supplier forms; subcontracting; program policies; and the CBIC liaison program. For your convenience, each webcast is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To view a webcast, simply click a link below. If you need assistance viewing a webcast or if you have any questions, please call the CBIC customer service center at 877-577-5331 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. You may also e-mail questions to cbic.admin@PalmettoGBA.com.


Welcome to Round 1 Recompete
The first in a series of educational webcasts for the Round 1 Recompete competition of the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program, this webcast provides background information about the program and about the educational resources available to assist you with participating in the bidding process.
Program Rules
This webcast explains important rules detailed in the "Request for Bids (RFB) Instructions" that you should understand before you prepare your bids.
Financial Documentation Requirements
This webcast goes over the rules and requirements for the financial documents that you must submit in addition to your online bid.
How a Bid is Evaluated
This webcast explains important rules detailed in the "Request for Bids (RFB) instructions" that you should understand before you prepare your bids.
How to Submit a Bid
This webcast explains how to submit a bid using the online bidding system, DBidS.

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